Reiki form of Yoga Fitness

Reiki means the universal life-force energy. It represents pure consciousness of Yoga in the energy body of an individual.

Origin of Reiki

 Revival of the ancient Vedic Reiki did happen in the late 19th Century. Reiki as form of yoga is first and foremost an advanced tantric meditation. Along with other tantric meditations such as Kriya Yoga and Antar Mauna, the main purpose of Reiki form of yoga is self-realization for Yoga Fitness. This however, is a powerful method for healing. Prana is the name in the Indian tradition for the cosmic life energy. As with acupuncture, we also find here a network of energy currents of life, which are distributed throughout the body, and in which all our sense flows. The flow and function of the life senses are described in detail in the old yoga scriptures known as Reiki now, but it is first of all used practically in the living yoga tradition. Theoretical studies of scriptures are not sufficient to obtain an experience of this – only those practising the yoga methods will really be able to comprehend what is meant by the old instructions of Yoga which was developed for fitness only.

How the process is conducted?

There are different kinds of methods that influence the energy currents for Yoga fitness. This is a healing method from the Tantric tradition, where the psychic energy is channelled. The energy is directed to where it is needed – to sick areas in one's own body or to other people, even at a distance. The ancient Yoga fitness training by Reiki had a mention of only seven such body points which need Reiki in order to enhance the vibratory level of the body. However the modern age Medical practitioners who became Reiki practitioners underlined that this is a Miraculous Yoga system of incomparable ease and power. It is natural and holistic and no medicine is used. So this form of Yoga deals with energy and forces which surround us.

Today more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about the Reiki method of natural healing, as it enables you to channel this precious energy to yourself and others in a very simple way. The more life force there is in the body the more one is fulfilled in the physical, mental and emotional level of fitness and mindset for Yoga training by use of Reiki.