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Sydney Wide


Certificate III and IV in personal training.


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0438 131 517

Evolution to Wellbeing


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At Evolution, our passions are people, community, the freedom of the outdoors, health, wellbeing and experiencing life in all its diversity.

I have a bold vision for Evolution. It is to make early morning training available to all people in a way that they have never dreamed of:

* To show people that waking up with the sun leads to a fuller experience of life
* That training with a group of people can be a completely rewarding experience
* That to move is how we are designed and what our entire being craves
* To respect our beautiful beach and park locations while at the same time making the absolute best use of them
* To take our Evolutionites kayaking at sunrise, experience sand between their toes or the reward of a great run
* And to make this experience financially available to all

And the beauty of this vision is that it is always evolving. Come and join us for a complimentary week of training and start the 6am evolution !