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How to Stay Motivated
By: Don Metcalfe

How to Stay Motivated

The most important step in starting an exercise routine is to begin with the quest...WHY? When we stay focused on why we are doing it provides us with a very valuable tool ...Motivation! Without that, all the advice in the world won't do you any good. Our personal trainers and fitness instructors will help by keeping you motivated to lose weight, get fit, improve your body and your outlook on life.

It's important to remember that motivation doesn't just happen. It's something you make happen each and every day. If you have multiple reasons to exercise, you'll always have something to get you moving, even when motivation is short. The hardest part of exercise is getting started...if you can get that far, you're halfway there. Some ideas to keep you motivated:

  • Remind yourself of your weight loss goals

  • Imagine how relaxed you'll feel after a workout

  • Promise yourself a reward for completing your workout

  • Remind yourself how good you'll feel by following through

  • Consider how much energy you'll have to get more things done

  • Think of a future event to get ready for (a wedding, a vacation, etc.)

  • Remind yourself that your workout are necessary to reach your goal

  • Visualize how you will look after, (what will your friends and family say?)

  • Think of your exercise time as the only time you may get to yourself all day

  • Think of all the diseases and illnesses your workout could protect you from

"Good Luck and Happy Exercising"

Added: 06-05-2011