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Kids Fitness is No Longer Boring with Personal Trainers in Hobart
By: Joey M

Kids around the world feel that exercising is boring and they would rather watch TV instead of cycling or jogging. Parents all around the world find it hard to get their kids away from the TV and due to this lack of activity kids these days are not as healthy as they should be. Australia is no stranger to this phenomenon but the good news is that personal trainers in Hobart know how to make your kids exercise.

Personal trainers in Hobart understand that kids are different from adults and they get bored easily. These trainers work a lot with children and teenagers hence they know of ways to make exercise interesting. There are various fitness activities offered to kids in Hobart and some of the popular activities include martial arts for kids, boxing for kids, light weight training for kids and cardiovascular exercises for kids. Depending on your kids choice he or she can choose from one of these activities and he can spend his time exercising.

Most of the personal trainers in Hobart that train kids are approachable and if you want your child to exercise then you should consider taking your child to meet one of these trainers. The trainer you choose will explain to your child in a very simple way what they are going to do and how the particular activity will help him. Since these trainers deal with kids every week the trainer of your choice can convince your child that activity is good for him.

There are various martial arts that kids can learn and depending on your kids choice he can learn karate, Judo, tycondo, jung fu or kick boxing. Your child will first be taught the basic things like the proper posture and simple movements before he is taught more complex things. Your child’s personal trainer in Hobart will also teach your child to breathe in deeply, exhale the right way and to stand straight.

Contrary to the popular belief boxing as fitness sport is not violent. Boxing when taught to kids is taught with the principle kept in mind that children are much more delicate than adults. They are taught all the basic moves and at time advance moves but unless they are using boxing for a competition kids do not have to hit each other. The personal trainer will use a punching bag to teach your child arm movements and he will also teach your child the right way to use arm movements and leg movements together. Boxing as a fitness sport not only improves the strength level of children but it also improves agility.

Since a child’s body grows till the age of 18 the personal trainer you choose will not ask him to lift heavy weights. He will instead ask your child to lift light weights just to tone his body and to increase his strength. When the trainer feels that your child is ready to lift heavier weights then he will ask you for your consent and depending on what you decide the trainer will plan a workout schedule for him. The personal trainer will teach your child the right way to stand that is known as form while exercising and he will also teach your child a variety of exercises. The personal trainer will coach your child intensively so that your child does not make a mistake while exercising. Some of the exercises that will be taught to your child include arm exercises, abdominal exercises, back exercises and leg exercises.

Cardiovascular activities are considered beneficial for children since these activities increase the stamina of a person. Your child’s personal trainer will ask your child to use machines like the treadmill, cycle or the stepper to exercise himself and he may also ask your child to use the jump rope.

Personal trainers in Hobart also help children learn about nutrition and if you opt for the nutrition package then the trainer will design a special nutritional diet for your child. Since children need more calories than an adult especially while exercising the personal trainer will design a diet that is high in non fatty calories. Proteins, small amounts of fats and carbohydrates will be part of your child’s special diet program.

Added: 27-01-2010