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Personal Trainers in Brisbane Show Clients Effective Leg Exercises
By: Joey M

Leg exercises help a person tone the leg muscles and they also avoid joint related problems. Leg exercises are taught by personal trainers around the world and Brisbane is no exception to this phenomenon. Personal trainers in Brisbane are well aware of all the good leg exercises and they help their clients stay fit by showing them effective leg exercises.

There are different leg exercises for people of various ages and depending on your age your personal trainer in Brisbane will allot you suitable leg exercises. If you have joint trouble or pain in your legs then your trainer will allot you strengthening exercises. If you are physically fit then depending on your strength levels your trainer will allot you a variety of leg exercises. Leg exercises can be performed using machines and they can also be performed without machines. Basic leg exercises are generally performed without machines and your personal trainer in Brisbane will show you the right way to perform these exercises. After you have learned the basic form your personal trainer will most likely ask you to perform the same exercises with weights. He will also ask you to move to other leg exercises that may use machines.

Most personal trainers in Brisbane agree that leg exercises should be performed a day after arm and chest exercises. Trainers also agree that leg exercises should be performed a day before back exercises. Since there are various schools of thoughts when it comes to weight training your trainer may or may not ask you to perform abdominal exercises along with leg exercises. Some personal trainers believe that leg exercises work out the lower abdominal muscles where as some trainers believe that leg exercise do not work out the abdominal muscles enough so separate abdominal exercises need to be performed.

All personal trainers in Brisbane believe that the leg workout should include squats. Squats are considered as the best leg exercise by many personal trainers since this exercise works multiple leg muscles. Squats also exercises your core body which means that if the person exercises squats then his posture improves and his back strength improves. Squats are also considered effective for the abdominal muscles and they also strengthen the lower back muscles.

Lunges are also considered as a very effective leg exercise since this exercise works out the glutes and the thighs. Lunges can either be performed with weights or without weights. Both dumbbells and the bar can be used to perform this exercise. Leg press is considered as yet another useful exercise and this exercise builds the mass in the thighs. This exercise has to be performed with the help of a machine. While performing the leg press exercise your personal trainer will stand by you to ensure that you can lift the amount of weights loaded on to the machine. Your personal trainer in Brisbane will begin by asking you to use your leg muscles to only lift the weight of the machine then he will slowly add weights to the machine once your strength level increases.

Most personal trainers in Brisbane agree that while performing leg exercises to increase muscle mass it is important to eat a lot of good quality protein. This nutrient consists of amino acids which are considered as the building blocks of the body. Protein not only makes new muscles but it also repairs muscles that have been broken down during a workout. Your personal trainer will either ask you to increase your consumption of protein rich food items like eggs, white meat, fish and dairy products or he will ask you to use artificial protein supplements. While protein supplements are the best way to increase muscle growth it is always advised to use moderate amounts of these supplements since these supplements are very potent. Your personal trainer will let you know how much protein you should consume every day to grow new muscle tissues and to repair old muscles. Some personal trainers ask their clients to increase the amount of water they consume when they are on protein supplements since water flushes out all the toxins that may be created by consuming large amounts of protein.

Added: 27-01-2010