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Personal Trainers in Hobart Use Pilates to Make Clients Lose Weight
By: Joey M

Pilates is a type of physical fitness system that had been developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Pilates from Germany. Pilates as a system for losing weight has gained popularity in the last few years and people from Hobart are becoming more aware of this effective weight loss system. Since Pilates requires special knowledge some personal trainers in Hobart use this physical fitness system to help clients lose weight and tone their muscles.

The Pilates system is build on a few principles that include breathing, centering, control, concentration, precision, flexibility and effectiveness of movement. Personal trainers in Hobart agree that each of these principles is equally important to boost physical fitness and lose weight. According to the Pilates physical fitness system breathing is one of the key elements in exercising since deep breathing circulates the blood better to the brain and other organs which leads to decreased wastes and increase levels of oxygen in the body. Your personal trainer in Hobart will ask you to practice breathing through various breathing exercises before he allots you an exercises.

The Pilates physical fitness system is based on the concept that the abdominal muscles along with the back, hip and buttock muscles comprise of the body’s powerhouse. According to this system the person performing the exercise should exert physical energy from the center of his body to the various extremities. Your personal trainer in Hobart will show you the right way to exert physical energy while maintaining control on other muscles.

Concentration and Precision are two important principles of Pilates. Concentration involves paying attention to the specific body parts while performing an exercise and noticing any changes they experience while exercising. Precision involves performing the Pilates exercises in the right way since by making even a small error the exercise will not be as effective as it should be.

Efficiency of movement involves transitioning from the current exercise to the next exercise with ease. While changing exercises you personal trainer in Hobart will show you how to change the exercise without breaking the flow or movement pattern. He will also show you how to control other muscles so that you do not jerk any muscles while changing the exercise. Many personal trainers in Hobart believe that flexibility is one of the fruits of Pilates. These trainers believe that by practicing Pilates in the right way a person can increase his body’s flexibility easily.

Your personal trainer will first ask you to master the basic techniques then he will ask you to use various apparatuses. These apparatuses will help you tone muscles, lose weight and gain more flexibility.  Some of the apparatuses used in Pilates exercises include the Trapeze Table, the ladder barrel and the he Wunda Chair. Using these apparatuses can be tricky so your personal trainer in Hobart will show you the right way to use these devices. He will make sure that you first learn to use padded mats before moving on to these special devices.

When you first enroll for Pilates classes your personal trainer will ask you to practice these exercises slowly so that you can learn the basic principles and movements. After you have learned the basic rules your personal trainer will ask you to increase the speed of various movements. Your personal trainer will also ask you to concentrate on each Pilates exercise and he will most likely teach you one exercise per session. Depending on your learning ability you may be asked to perform one exercise for various sessions. Since the main aim is to master each exercise before moving on to the next your main goal should be to learn each exercise well before attempting the next exercise.

While using Pilate’s equipment with resistance your trainer will let you know some secrets that will help you lose weight faster. One of the most effective ways to lose weight while performing Pilates is to decrease the resistance on the machine. Your personal trainer in Hobart will guide you to why decreasing resistance works and how to perform the particular exercise with a decreased resistance. Your personal trainer may also ask you to perform a few exercises at home every week since the key to losing weight with Pilates is to work out frequently.

Added: 26-01-2010