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Personal Trainers in Melbourne Show Clients the Right Ways to Use Resistance Bands
By: Joey M

Resistance bands are gaining popularity all around the world since these bands have many benefits and few disadvantages. Personal trainers in Melbourne believe that resistance bands can help both male and female clients increase strength levels provided the client knows how to use these bands. These bands can not only be used by adults but they can also be used by children and people who have health problems provided they are guided by a professional. Since resistance bands make exercises harder to increase strength levels personal trainers in Melbourne believe that without proper training clients can hurt themselves.

The main benefit of using resistance bands is that the band provides equal resistance of each movement which means that the body has to work out harder. This also means that by performing a few repetitions every day the person can achieve more strength. Resistance bands are usually considered better than dumb bells since with dumb bells there is less resistance due to gravity. Although dumb bells do not provide high resistance levels dumb bells are harder to use than resistance bands. Once the person understands how to use these helpful bands there are a number of exercises that he or she can perform using these bands. Since resistance bands can be used anywhere these bands are ideal training equipment for people who call personal trainers at home for coaching.

Resistance bands are recommended by many personal trainers in Melbourne since these bands increase co ordination. Since these bands cause tension throughout the exercise the person has to learn how to balance his body so that he can perform the exercise with ease. Personal trainers in Melbourne agree that resistance bands are important pieces of weight training equipment and every person who weight trains should use these bands at least twice a week. Many trainers also feel that lady clients usually benefit more from using resistant bands since these bands are not nearly as hard to use as dumbbells. These bands can also be used by people of all fitness levels since there are various types of bands available to meet the requirement of different people.

Most trainers use these bands to add variety to daily workout schedules. Most often personal trainers do not conduct work out sessions based only on resistance bands. Instead trainers ask their clients to use resistance bands once or twice a week. Personal trainers in Melbourne believe that by adding variety to the workout schedule the body responds better to exercises and the client doesn’t get bored doing the same exercises every day.

Many of the weight training machines use resistance bands as part of their machinery. Most of the machines that exercise the back use resistance bands and so do most of the machines that exercise the chest. Non stationary resistance bands can be used to perform a variety of exercises. These bands can be used to exercise the back, chest, arms and legs. Some people even use these bands to exercise the abdominal muscles. Many personal trainers use the medicine ball along with a resistance band to improve the outcome of the exercise.

Before using resistance bands personal trainers believe that the client should be taught the right way to use them. If you enroll for resistance training with a personal trainer then your personal trainer in Melbourne will show you the right way to use these bands. He will also show you how to change movement in between an exercise so that you can get maximum results. Personal trainers believe that people who have back problems or joint problems should not use resistance bands unless they are guided by a professional since these bands can cause more damage than good if they are used in the wrong way.

Most people who do not know how to use these bands often hurt their muscles and joints by jerking while moving their hands. While using resistance bands it is important for the person to understand how the band works. The person using the band should learn how to use the band without jerking any of his body parts or pulling too hard.

Added: 27-01-2010