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Personal Trainers in Melbourne Specialize in Group Fitness
By: Joey M

There are many personal trainers in Melbourne that have different specialties and while most of these trainers specialize in holding classes for individuals, some of these trainers specialize in holding classes for groups. Group fitness classes consist of the trainer teaching a group of individuals various exercises to lose weight, tone their body or to add muscle mass. Some personal trainers also teach specialty exercise like Pilates in group fitness classes.

Personal trainers in Melbourne who specialize in group fitness have to certify in this specialty before they are allowed to hold classes. In order to certify these trainers have to go through training programs that make them capable of holding classes meant for groups. Personal trainers also have to re certify periodically so that they can continue holding classes.

Group fitness can be divided into various categories like kid’s group fitness, women’s group fitness, senior citizen’s group fitness and men’s group fitness. Group fitness can also be categorized based on the activity. Some of the common group fitness categories include martial arts, kick boxing, light weight training, heavy weight training, Pilates training and group fitness for pregnant women.  Many personal trainers in Melbourne also hold group aerobics classes for both men and women. 

Some personal trainers also hold group fitness classes for special people or disabled people. In order to certify for these classes the trainer will have to undergo special training that involves taking care of special people. For instance if a trainer wants to get licensed for training people who cannot talk or hear then he will need to know how to communicate with these special people.

Many people prefer opting for personal trainers in Melbourne who specialize in group fitness because usually group fitness classes cost less than individual coaching. Another benefit of group fitness is that clients can join the classes along with people they want to work out with. Many corporate companies hire personal trainers in Melbourne to exclusively coach their employees as a group. Another common reason for joining group fitness classes is that some clients like working out with likeminded people rather than working out by themselves. Likeminded people who are working out together often encourage each other while exercising.

Researches indicate that people who join group fitness classes are more likely to stay on track and reach their fitness goals since they have others to motivate them. Researches also indicate that people who join group exercise classes often have better results if they join with a friend or family member. Joining group fitness classes as a single member often causes people to feel anonymous which may hamper their motivation. If you do not have any one to join group fitness classes with then you should consider making friends with a member from the class so that you can work out with someone you like. Work out buddies constantly motivate each other and push each other to go the extra mile while working out.

If you plan to join a group fitness class then you should keep in mind that you should join a class that has 10 or less members. Although joining a group fitness class with more members may work out cheaper, this is not recommended since the personal trainer will not be able to give equal attention to all the members in a large class. If you do decide to join a group fitness class that has 10 or more members then you should find a class that has at least two personal trainers. You should also ensure that while exercising with other members you concentrate on yourself more than you concentrate on others. By concentrating on yourself and not others you will be able to work out better which means that you will get better results. 

While searching for a good personal trainer in Melbourne who holds group fitness classes you should search for a trainer who has a good reputation. You should also narrow down the search by finding a trainer who specializes in the particular activity that you are interested in. You should also considering using both online and offline resources to find trainers. Articles and websites on the internet can help you find group fitness personal trainers in Melbourne.

Added: 27-01-2010