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Personal Trainers in Melbourne Specialize in Ladies Only Fitness
By: Joey M

Women are created differently than men hence the fitness needs of women are also different than men. Personal trainers in Melbourne understand this basic concept hence they modify exercises to make it suitable for women. Personal trainers in Melbourne agree that certain exercises work better for women than they work for men hence they ask their lady clients to perform these exercises.

Personal trainers that specialize in Women fitness have been trained to understand the needs of women and these trainers use their knowledge to help lady clients meet their fitness goals. Most personal trainers in Melbourne believe that lady clients should be given back and shoulder exercises so that women do not face back problems as they age. Personal trainers also agree that lady clients need to be given shoulder and arm exercises so that they do not face shoulder joint problems as they grow. Since all women go through pregnancy at some phase in their life trainers also believe that ladies only fitness should include exercises that strengthen the core muscles of the body.

Personal trainers in Melbourne believe that most of the women that exercise spend a lot of time on cardiovascular machines and they do not spend enough time doing weight training exercises. Trainers believe that women should use weights while exercising more often since weights help women burn fat. Weight training helps the fat in the body dissolve and these exercises replace excess fat with healthy muscle. Weight training reduces the chance of osteoporosis and other harmful joint problems in women.

Weight training is an important part of women’s exercises since weight training helps women develop stronger muscles. The amount of weight given to women by personal trainers in Melbourne is much lesser than the amount of weight given to men since women are not as strong as men. If the lady client wants to increase the amount of weight she takes then her personal trainer will guide her so that she doesn’t hurt her back or shoulder while exercising. Lady clients should make a note that by exercising with weights they will not get big muscles like men since ladies do not have adequate amounts of testosterone in their body and the only way they can bulk up is by using anabolic steroids.

Many personal trainers ask their lady clients to use strength bands to increase resistance while training. These bands isolate the muscles and they strengthen the muscles by providing a resistance. Usually personal trainers provide strength bands while training their clients but if your trainer comes home to train you then you may have to buy your own bands. The yellow resistance band is the easiest to pull while the silver band is the hardest to pull. Your personal trainer will help you transition from using the lighter bands to the heavier ones so that you do not pull a muscle while exercising. These bands can not only be used by regular women but they can also be used by special women. Women who have multiple sclerosis often benefit from using these bands since by using these bands the blood circulation in the body is improved.

While performing women’s exercises your personal trainer will ask you to increase your intake of protein and calcium so that you can lose weight faster. The extra protein you consume will help your body repair old muscle tissue and build new muscle tissue. If you are a vegetarian then your trainer will also ask you to consume small quantities of protein shakes every day  so that your body gets the required amounts of protein. If you eat non vegetarian food then you will be asked to consume fish, chicken, eggs, milk and milk products. The extra protein you consume will strengthen your bones and ensure that you do not injure yourself while participating in a ladies only fitness program. Your trainer will also ask you to reduce consumption of starchy food and he will ask you to increase consumption of simple carbohydrates. Starchy foods include potatoes, rice and pasta where as simple carbohydrates include whole wheat products, vegetables and certain fruits.

Added: 27-01-2010