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Personal Trainers in Melbourne Specialize in Pilate Exercises
By: Joey M

Pilate exercises are becoming increasing popular around the world because these exercises are extremely effective. Personal trainers in various parts of the world are learning techniques of this exercise but personal trainers in Melbourne have already mastered Pilate’s techniques. Personal trainers in Melbourne agree that these exercises can not only help a person tone their body but the exercises can also help a person become stronger. Personal trainers in Melbourne work with various groups of people since Pilate exercises are known to help pregnant women, senior citizens and people who are going through rehabilitation.

Personal trainers in Melbourne are known to use Pilate exercises to help clients lose weight. Trainers use various techniques to help their clients lose fat and tone their body. Using resistance equipment is one of the common ways to lose weight with Pilate exercises. This chair is ideal to exercise the core muscles along with other important or large muscles in the body. Your trainer will be helping you understand the right way to use this chair and he will be first demonstrating the exercise for you. Pilate chairs also known as Wunda chairs are the most popular resistance equipments. Resistance bands are also used while exercising to increase the level of resistance. Since the posture is one of the most important elements of Pilate exercises your trainer will help you learn the right posture so that you can perform the exercises well in order to lose weight.

Your personal trainer will also teach you standing Pilate exercises. In order to perform these exercises you will need a mat and you will need to know the proper form for exercises. Your trainer will first help you learn the proper form them he will teach you the right ways to inhale and exhale. After that he will teach you standing Pilate exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. Your trainer will ask you to use a thin mat so that you can balance yourself while you perform this exercise. If you are working out at a gym with a personal trainer in Melbourne then the gym will have the required mats but if the personal trainer is coming to your home then you will need to buy the required mat. You will also need a wall or a piece of furniture like a chair to balance your body while your perform standing Pilate exercises.

Pregnant women often benefit from Pilate exercises since these exercises are gentle and they do not jerk the body. If you have recently become pregnant or if you have delivered a baby recently then you will need to inform your personal trainer in Melbourne while you join the class so that he can make the required modifications for you. You should also inform your trainer if you have any pre existing health problems like a bad back, arthritis or other joint problems.

While helping you learn Pilate exercises your personal trainer will keep some safety precautions in mind. The first safety precaution is the placement of your head while exercising. If you have any back, neck or shoulder problems then your trainer will modify the exercises to meet your requirements. Your trainer will also ensure that you do not hurt your neck and spine while you exercise. He will teach you the right posture and the right transition method so that you do not hurt yourself while exercising. Your trainer will also ask you to bend your knees so that your back is protected while you perform certain exercises.

If you have tight hamstrings then your personal trainer will ask you to put a small lift under your hips so that you can perform the exercise. A folded towel is often used as a lift while performing Pilates Melbourne. If you develop any kind of pain while exercising then you should inform your personal trainer right away so that he can make the required changes to suit your health. If you experience wrist pain while performing exercises then your trainer will place a lift under your arm to ease movement and remove the pressure from your wrist.


Added: 27-01-2010