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Pregnancy Exercise Made Simple by Personal Trainers in Perth
By: Joey M

Most women who are pregnant fear exercises since they feel that exercising during pregnancy can harm their unborn baby. The truth is that exercises during pregnancy are not dangerous to the baby provided that they are performed under the guidance of a trained professional. Personal trainers in Perth understand that women fear the safety of their unborn children hence these trainers use show their clients safe pregnancy exercises.

There are various pregnancy exercises that can help both the mother and the unborn child. One of the popular pregnancy exercises is water aerobics. Many personal trainers in Perth specialize in water aerobics exercises that consist of using a swimming pool to exercise. A variety of exercises can be done in a pool since the water reduces the pressure from the legs and the back. While some personal trainers ask their clients to use resistance equipment like light dumbbells, other trainers believe that the weight of the body is enough resistance for pregnant women.

While performing this pregnancy exercise your personal trainer in Perth will ask you to wear a bathing suit and a supportive bra so that you can perform the exercise with ease. You may also be asked to use a supportive abdominal belt as you progress during pregnancy so that you do not have any problems while exercising. Your personal trainer will also ask you to wear sunscreen or a swimming cap so that you do not burn your skin.

Your personal trainer will begin by teaching you light exercises like balancing in water, arm exercises and walking in water. Paddling in the pool is considered as a light exercise that works out the back and leg muscles. After you have successfully mastered these exercises your trainer will ask you to perform advanced exercises. While performing water aerobics you should consume water during the work out since while working out you will sweat. If you feel dizzy or tired while performing water aerobics then you should stop exercising and you should inform your trainer immediately. Your trainer will give you easier exercises till you feel better or he will ask you to stop exercising for the day.

Pilates is another type of pregnancy exercise that helps pregnant women and their unborn child. Pilate exercises are especially useful to pregnant women since the movements in this branch of exercise strengthen the core muscles without harming the baby. Inhaling deeply and exhaling well is especially useful to pregnant women since this causes the body to get enough oxygen to keep the baby healthy.

In order to perform Pilate exercises you will need the help of a personal trainer especially if you have never done Pilates before. Your personal trainer in Perth will begin by explaining the basic concepts of Pilates to you and he will help you attain the right posture. After you have attained the right posture your personal trainer in Perth will show you how to perform basic exercises. After you have mastered basic exercises your trainer will show you the right way to transition from one exercise to another so that you do not hurt yourself or your baby. Your personal trainer may also ask you to use safe equipment like mats, resistance bands and the Pilate’s chair. As your body changes and your baby grows your center of gravity will also change. Your personal trainer will keep a track of your pregnancy and he will assign you exercises accordingly.

While performing any kind of pregnancy exercise you must remember to always carry your own water bottle so that you can hydrate yourself while exercising. You should also remember to carry your own napkin and you should refrain from using any one else’s napkin. While performing pregnancy exercises you should remember to take short breaks in between sessions to catch your breath. You should also inform your personal trainer in case you feel pain or any other unusually symptoms.

Most personal trainers that help women with pregnancy exercises also provide nutrition advice to their clients. Your trainer will ask you to increase the amount of calories you intake so that your unborn baby does not suffer while you exercise. Your personal trainer will also add and remove food items from your diet so that you are your baby benefit through these pregnancy exercises.

Added: 27-01-2010