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Why does exercise make me feel better?
By: Don Metcalfe

Part 1 - Why does exercise make me feel better?

Whether they are long distant runners, sprinters, weight lifters or tennis players, all would asy things like, "exercise make me feel great"; It helps me to think straight", it help me get rid of stress."

Statements such as these attest to the positive effects of exercise on how we feel. The reason for this is that 'feel good' chemicals are released into the blood stream. There are four neurochemicals that are responsible for these feeling of elation. They include serotonin, epinephrine, dopamine and endorphins.

This week we will look at the neurochemical Serotonin. Serotinin serves to lift our mood and increase feelings of satisfaction, while decreasing feelings of depression. We've all experienced a rise in serotonin at some point. It's that sense of satisfaction we have after a workout or after a great meal. Serotonin is also that feeling we have when we spend time with friends and family. Serotonin levels can become depleted with chronic stress or anxiety, starvation or a low carb' diet. The result is that we begin to feel miserable, depressed, grumpy, moody and physically and mentally drained or tired. Conversely Serotonin levels are raised after a good workout or a long run.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this installment where we discuss Epinephrine.

Added: 19-05-2011